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The Instant Commodity Trader system has consistently picked winning trades with 70% success.

In December 2013,  this blog was launched.  You can see for yourself how using this system turned $12,000 starting capital into $32,000 with only 10 trades in a few short months. Predictably, 7 of the 10 were profitable with an average ROI of 155%.

The most profitable trade was a Wheat Call Option at a premium (cost) of $862 on 2/12/14 that profited $4819 (559%) when the option was sold on 3/20/14.

Another trade yielded  357% ($2000 profit) from a Corn Call Option that cost $438.   Also, a trade in the Coffee market yielded 265% ($4519 profit).

Since 2014, we have kept the site locked down for members only.  We taught a limited number of people this system.

There's a very good reason why we don't share this system with more people:

The commodity market does not have the liquidity of the stock market. On any given day, there may be only tens of thousands of speculators in a given commodity market (e.g. High Grade Copper), as opposed to millions of investors available to trade a given stock in the equities market.

Therefore, the more people that learn this system and use it, the more disruptive it will be to the market.  We don't want this system becoming less effective because a large number of people are all trading the same way.

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• Trade profitably WITH MINIMAL RISK

• Know the exact entry and exit points, profit potential and ROI of every trade BEFORE you enter the market

• Know how to use leverage for gains of over 1000%  on some trades

• Make money in an up or down market

You've probably heard how 'risky' the commodity market is, but that's only true if you trade futures contracts or sell options.  There is risk in the futures market, but this system GUARANTEES a bare minimum of risk.

Here are the 10 trades from 2014 that yielded >$20,000 net profit in 3 months:


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